Its Time We Teach Our Children About God

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“Was that about Jesus?” she looked at me with this inquisitive look on her face. I looked at her “No, its about Moses and he did similar things like Jesus.”

That was the end of the exchange I had with my daughter after watching the Prince of Egypt. I remember watching this movie at a young age and had no idea who the movie was about. I was actually taken a back a little bit because at this time she was 6 years young. It has stuck with me even though she is on her way to being 10! From this point, we have other conversations about her experience and even about God.

I have taught her a lot and she has given me the strength to understand that an age doesn’t determine how ready your child is to learn about our Father. I took the time to really pay attention and teach her about God the best way I know and as the Holy Spirit leads us. Through her, I strengthen my muscles and began to care for other children in my family this way. To just give them pieces and introduce them to who God was. In the bible it states that we have to be like a child to enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Children have faith like no other, but sometimes because of what we have been through as adults we miss opportunities to begin teaching our children the truth about God and the world. I disagree with allowing children to believe in things that are not real and wholeheartedly agree with teaching them about Our Father. Helping them to understand, who they are in God and the access they have to Him.

I believe that if children are the future like we say they are, they should be treated as such. Yes as adults we are to teach children, protect and provide for them. We should also invest time into their spiritual development.

I want to discuss three things you can do to began to discuss the Kingdom of God with your children.

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  1. Bibles: Get them a bible, that is appropriate for their age. This can be a picture bible or even videos on the bible. Something that can lead them into all truth about the word of God.
  2. Expression: Allow the child to express what they learned in their reading or watching of bible stories. They could do this with drawing, charades or dialogue. Make it interactive for them and they can write as well.
  3. Study with Them: Spend time in the word with your children so they can see that the learning does not stop as a child. Share feedback with them. Also find activities that they can do to learn about the bible or create some.

While these may be obvious or not so obvious this is important as you raise up your children. I am in no way telling you what to do, I want to encourage you that they are capable. Children are exposed to so many things in the world that can have negative impacts, so its important that we influence them to who they really are; before the world does.

Comment below and tell me what do you do, to communicate with your child about God?

If you need help with spiritual development for your child, feel free to schedule a free consult here.

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