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Flow connections is an online ministry for Christian women to develop a personal relationship with God, learn who they are in christ, learn their purpose and to learn how to love theirselves. We equip women with prayer, fasting and worship strategies.

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Flow Sessions

Flow sessions are private one on one coaching sessions with Nakeisa J. where she assists you in cultivating a closer relationship with God, so that you can learn who you are in Christ. These sessions will help you identify any mental, spiritual or emotional causes to that may be hindering you from going to the next level in your life. In the one on one coaching we will use a variety of strategies including prayer, prophetic insight and innovative activities. At the end of each session, you will receive a personalized Flow plan which will guide you into practical steps you can take to continue in cultivating a real personal relationship with God.

The Connection Flow Mentor Program

Coming Soon scheduled to Launch in August 2020

The Connection Flow mentor program is a monthly self paced program that teaches christian women strategies to develop a personal relationship with God so they can know who they are in Christ, know their purpose and go further in their christian walk. Our strategies included teaching on prayer, fasting and the art of worship. Each mentorship member receives access to the online program, private membership community, digital shop, prayer calls, bible study session and one live session a month with Nakeisa J.

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Podcastaoil 049: We saved and not scared.. The Queen Redeemed Podcastaoil

In this episode we will discuss how to be fearless in the name of Jesus. Nakeisa also breaks down scriptures that you can apply when fear tries to rise in your life.   Join Patreon to support this podcast: https://www.patreon.com/nakeisaj Recommended Episodes: Fear: https://anchor.fm/nakeisa-jackson/episodes/Podcastoil-001-Where-is-your-Rahab-Faith-e474ud Faith: https://anchor.fm/nakeisa-jackson/episodes/Podcastaoil-002-Increasing-Your-Faith-Level-Its-time-to-level-up-e48hlc Join Aniyahs Space Donor Partner Program here: bit.ly/ASDonors https://www.aniyahspace.org Follow on IG: @aniyahspace Text Connect to 833-635-0687 for Prayer and more Purchase A Lovers Journey: https://www.amazon.com/Lovers-Journey-Nakeisa-Jackson-ebook/dp/B0958WM7C5/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=A+LOVERS+JOURNEY&qid=1628281164&sr=8-2 Follow Nakeisa J. @nikkijtheauthor — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nakeisa-jackson/support
  1. Podcastaoil 049: We saved and not scared..
  2. Podcastaoil 048: Being Fruitful as unto God
  3. Podcastaoil 047: Are you faithful in your relationship?
  4. Podcastaoil 046: Have you been set free?
  5. Podcastaoil 045: Saying No, is service as unto God

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Do you know the way….

When we navigate through life you may just want to turn off the gps, because your expected destination may be a pit stop on the way. You may not end there. I thought my life was going to be linear. Nursing school, Nurse Practitioner school and a clinic. It actually looked like nursing school, become…

Guard Your Mouth, it’s the Proverbs way.

This verse had me doing a triple read like wait, do I guard my mouth with the thought of protecting my life. We have to make sure we are mindful of what we speak about. I don’t think we always understand the accountability that comes with the words we say. I also loved this because…

Journey through proverbs: What Defines You?

Although it seems acceptable in our minds, I believe the Bible disagrees with this. While studying proverbs it states that mercy, kindness and truth should be qualities that define us. I always say I can only control how I react. At that time these qualities weren’t ones I possessed. I didn’t believe kindness was deserved…

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