Guard Your Mouth, it’s the Proverbs way.

As we continue to journey through proverbs, I want to stop right here at Proverbs 13. Now, listen it’s so much wisdom in this chapter that this one blog post won’t do it a lot of justice to be honest. Listen, Proverbs 13!!!!!!

I read the AMP version because it’s keeps me AMP with definitions to be quite honest. I love have understanding so it gives it to me in a good way. The title is Contrast the Upright and the Wicked , so you know it’s wig and edge snatching approved. So each verse is literally a contrast. But I have to talk about this one contrasting verse right there in verse 3..

The one who guards his mouth (thinking before he speaks) protects his life; the one who opens his lips wide ( and chatters without thinking) comes to ruin Proverbs 13:3 AMP

This verse had me doing a triple read like wait, do I guard my mouth with the thought of protecting my life. We have to make sure we are mindful of what we speak about. I don’t think we always understand the accountability that comes with the words we say. I also loved this because it reminds us yet again that things are voice activated. It also tells me it’s not bad to speak. It necessary that we speak the things that God tells us we should speak.

Just because you have a thought, doesn’t mean it needs to be stated. We can declare what God says instead. If you feel sick, tired, upset or like giving up; this reminds me I don’t have to say that. I can declare what God says. It also helps me to know who to say what to. Wisdom is not only what you say but who you say it to. Some people do not need to know certain things while other people do need to know. When you implement thinking before speaking you will know.

I love the guard word, because we need to keep a guard over it. This tells me it’s not limited to special situations, it’s for all situations. It also helps me understand that talking too much can be a problem. I remember getting in trouble for talking so much. I was like they always silencing someone. But the truth is right here in vs. 3, it can lead to ruin. I have seen this in my life, thank God I was always able to bounce back from it. Below I have listed some reflection questions for you to think about in this area. I want you to reflect with God and see how you can be more intentional about thinking before speaking

  • Do I think before I speak?
  • What have I said that doesn’t line up with what God said?
  • Do I talk more than I listen?
  • What have I said that’s now showing up in my life (good or not so good) ?
  • How can I guard my mouth better?
  • What should I be saying over my life?

I hope you take these into prayer this week and really pay attention to the words that you speak on a regular basis. I invite you to work with me in a one on one session, if you need help growing your relationship with God. What you think about yourself and pulling on His wisdom is apart of this process. I want to help you truly learn who you are. To book click here.

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-Nakeisa Jackson, Lead Flow Connector

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