Is Spiritual Care on Your New Year, New You List?

January is swiftly approaching, and its the time of year, where everyone is making New Year Resolutions. We are looking to lose weight, gain weight, eat better, write a book and so many more things. I too had goals around looking and feeling better for 2020. While I made some progress, sis ain’t there yet. I plan to continue through the next year and maybe you will too. With setting these goals, what we could not predict, was how this year would turn out. In the midst of it all I learned something very important that applies to any goal you could ever create. I learned this year, that a personal and intimate relationship with God has to be a priority. While this has been my priority, I learned that it has to be a continual process and there is always something more to cultivate this intimate relationship.

As this year comes to an end, I really want to take some time and evaluate where we are with God. Then choose to make a decision to grow where we need to grow. We have to make a conscious decision and effort to grow in our relationship with God. We are making a decision even right now. Let me make it a little clearer for you. When we decide to not spend time with God, we made a decision. When we decide to only talk to God when things are going crazy, we made a decision.

Going into 2021, I want us to all make better decision, when it comes to setting goals in our relationship with God. I also want you to know that it is a process and not one you can go at alone. Below I will be discussing three steps you can follow to start creating and following through on your goals to develop spiritually.

  1. Assessment: Take an assessment of your relationship with God. Take out a piece of paper and write down how you feel about your relationship with God. Think about your prayer life, worship life and fasting. Also think about how often you STUDY! the bible not read it. Also take an inventory of the time you spend with God.
  2. Evaluate: Evaluate your assessment with God, take it to God in prayer and ask how you could improve and where to start. This is important because we never want to get religious or fall into an area of thinking this is about works. This is about relationship with Him. Taking it up with God, allows you to know where he would like you to be.
  3. Plan: Treat this like an assignment, where ever God would like you to start is where you start with your goals to grow your relationship with God. It honestly may feel like a sacrifice but aren’t all goals? I recently did a podcast, on what to do when you get an assignment from God, you can listen here.

These steps should get you started with developing and executing spiritual goals for you life. If you know growing spiritually with God is a goal for you in this season, I want you to take a three day vision detox with me starting December 29, 2020 Sign up by clicking here.

Lets Get Right for 2021!

Nakeisa J.

Lead Flow Connector

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