Its been a while, since I poured my heart out on this blog, I think its time. On the podcast I went in detail about where I been. You can listen here. In this post I want to focus on where my heart has been. These past few months, God has been dealing with me in the area of heart issues. He has shared what it looked like which was full of bandages. I interpreted this as a heart that is not fully healed. He also has asked that I let him heal my heart. So in the midst of all the things, I have been doing, healing my heart is one of them.

As I drew near to Him, God revealed to me what my heart looked liked, he started to give me strategy to deal with them. I was very intentional about journaling daily and reading scriptures like medicine. I look at scripture totally different these days, I believe that’s why I have identity RX’S that I send via email. I started to listen and sit in worship more and let God deal with what comes up, we have come a long way in this process in a short time. The thing, I needed most came in the form of an unexpected request.

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Back in July, I was spending nights in worship I was to go for 30 days I did not make it. I will go back to it soon. But one of those nights he asked me to get baptized. This was the second time this year I felt a pulling to do this. But what I did not feel was a pulling to find someone to do it. I said well God, if this is what you want you have to show me what to do and how to do it. I left it alone. I continued with life forgetting about the request. Then opportunity came knocking on my door. I was already attending a conference and the host stated, we were having a baptismal session in the ocean on a beach! My heart was so full! It felt like the first time all over again. My heart was happy.

It was like I needed this and did not know. Not only do I feel like it aided in my heart healing; It also increased my confidence in God. God requested that I do something and worked out the details for me. I think what if I told him, I was not going to the conference due to fear of Covid. I would not have fufilled the request how he wanted to do it. This showed me that God is truly the Alpha and the Omega; the author and finisher of my faith. It encouraged me and made God even more tangible. It showed me how supernatural our Father is.

Having a human experience, we sometimes forget how powerful God truly is. Nothing can stop Him not even Covid. He wanted me baptized in this season and He worked out all the details. Nakeisa did not have to do anything but say yes. Literally. Just like my heart; I did not have to pray 1000 times I had to just surrender and allow him to heal my heart how he wanted to.

After being baptized, I felt like my heart was full of life and excitement. It felt like the newness of Christ and I was made knew. At this point in life the most important thing was that I obeyed. Obedience has to occur in every area and sometimes you have to do it blindly because God is the alpha and omega not us. I want to use this as an opportunity to encourage you, if God has requested something from you give Him a yes and He will do the rest.

Nakeisa J.

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